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Major change in US health policy is imminent. Health care costs consume almost $2 trillion each year in the U.S. The cost of health care has become a significant drag on American industrial competitiveness; the US auto, transportation, aircraft, manufacturing, and services industries are increasingly hobbled by the cost of providing health insurance for their workers and subsidizing care for the 40 million plus Americans who are without health insurance.

And the U.S. is not the only nation facing a health care cost crisis; throughout the industrialized world, health care costs are going up significantly faster than overall inflation.

The question has changed from “should we do something different about health care?” to “what should we do about health care?” Who should pay? What should we pay for? Does a single-payer system make sense, or should individuals buy their own health insurance? What role, if any, should employers play? How much can technology help? What should we be investing in?

With the change in questions, we need new perspectives and fresh answers.

The web is the forum for some of the brightest people, clearest thinking, most perceptive commentary, and keenest observations in the health policy community. And it’s getting better every day. We started Health Wonk Review to highlight the best-of-the-best, to showcase studies, perspectives, and insights not available anywhere else, and to provide the broader community with a fast and simple way to stay on top of all things health policy related.

Health policy, funding, insurance, managed care, infrastructure, IT, the uninsured, economics and trends re same are all fair game. We avoid things clinical in nature; Nick Genes’ excellent Grand Rounds (which was the inspiration for HWR) covers that area quite well.


Joe Paduda, Managed Care Matters
Matthew Holt, The Health Care Blog

Nick Genes, blogborygmi
Grand Rounds

Julie Ferguson, Workers Comp Insider
Shahid N. Shah, The Healhcare IT Guy

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