How to participate

  1. An ad hoc group of policy types started HWR and “manages” the periodic posting.
  2. The host rotates each edition; bloggers interested in hosting should contact Joe Paduda at
  3. Until further notice, HWR will be published every other week on Thursdays.
  4. Anyone can submit a post for consideration by the host.
  5. Posts are due by Wednesday at 9 AM Eastern U,S. – click here for an upcoming schedule/calendar
  6. The post submission should include
    1. Blogger’s name or nom de chroniquer (the name you use in your blog)
    2. The title of and URL for the submitted post
    3. The title and URL of the blog itself
    4. A synopsis (and we mean a synopsis!) of the post itself.
  7. The host schedule and contact information is provided here schedule/calendar
  8. The host determines which posts get posted, and will comment, observe, or elaborate on and/or argue about any submission. If you send a post in, be prepared for it to be rejected, disagreed with, or (metaphorically) trumpeted to the heights.
  9. All past editions of HWR are archived here.


Joe Paduda, Managed Care Matters
Matthew Holt, The Health Care Blog

Nick Genes, blogborygmi
Grand Rounds

Julie Ferguson, Workers Comp Insider
Shahid N. Shah, The Healhcare IT Guy

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